It’s an undeniable fact of doing business : a company’s brand is critical to its success.

In fact, a brand is your company’s most valuable asset – exactly why brand strategy is at the very heart of everything we do at Dr. Brand. From a logo, to a website, to a piece of marketing material – we aim grow your brand from every angle.

Think of your brand as the product of your firm’s reputation and its visibility. If you can control both of these factors your firm will have tremendous advantages over all those competitors who don’t actively build their brands - making your company Immune from Competition™

Starting a new business?

Launching a new company can be an overwhelming experience. At Dr. Brand, we keep the process simple and place an emphasis on developing a competitive advantage from day one. By using our proven expertise to craft a differentiated positioning and messaging, we will equip you with everything you need to compete against established competitors and grow your business.

Looking to give your current brand a booster shot?

Rebranding presents an opportunity to redefine, update and reintroduce your company. It lets you speak with greater authority to key audiences and reestablish your competitive advantage.

From devising your brand strategy through design and launch, our comprehensive, results-driven approach will position your firm ahead of competitors, and give you the tools to build awareness and preference in the marketplace.
Say hello to Brand CPR™ (Communications, Positioning, and Redesign) - our flagship, all-inclusive branding service.
Brand CPR™ encompasses research, creative exercises, workshop facilitation and award-winning creative to establish your brand strategy, messaging and identity. Delivered in a one-day workshop format at our Toronto or Las Vegas office (or on-site at a client's location), it comprises:

1. Brand Audit & Marketplace Analysis

A strong, differentiated brand begins with a clear understanding of your business context, industry and market sectors, and competitors. Our process begins with a comprehensive review of your existing brand and competitors.

2. Consumer Profile

A clear understanding of your buyers allows you to create a customer-centric brand experience and message. From psychographics and demographics to common objections, we will develop a thorough understanding of your audience.

3. Brand Strategy (Promise, Positioning & Personality)

Based on our initial research and facilitating creative exercises, we will create the foundation of your brand - including your brand promise, personality, and positioning

4. Taglines & Key Messages

The right words have the power to compel. To persuade. To transform perceptions. Using your brand strategy, we will suggest and identity your brand’s key messages and tagline.

5. Online Presence Planning

Among your brand's most critical touch points is your website. Together, we will map out how to structure your website, the best content to include, and marketing elements to include to increase the conversion prospects to leads.

6. Brand Identity Design

Once a brand strategy is in place, following the one-day workshop our team of award-winning designers will translate this foundation into a brand identity; including your company’s new logo, business cards, letterhead, mailing envelope, email signature and brand style guide.

7. Brand Communications Plan

To properly roll out your new brand, we will develop a suggested marketing calendar that identifies relevant promotional channels and execution time frames.

8. Guided Implementation

Also included are up to four (4) thirty-minute consulting sessions to guide implementation of your new brand.
Ready to discover how Brand CPR™ can breathe new life into your business? Contact us for a Brand Health Check today!