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If your company is ready to rise above competitors, win business more easily, and get marketing materials and a website that generate leads and sell for you - it would be our pleasure to offer you a complimentary Brand Health Check.

No “here today, gone tomorrow” online tactics. No hype. No magic-pill offerings that promise a lot and fail to deliver. Simply our proven creativity and expertise, shared with you over a 30-minute conversation with one of our savvy experts.

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So, what’s a Brand Health Check all about? Together, we’ll…

  • Evaluate your current brand to determine what’s working– and what isn’t.
  • Look at your website to see where you can make the biggest improvements at the best value.
  • Get clear on your brand strategy, what sets you apart, and how to communicate this difference.
  • Discover the next steps your business can take to improve it’s positioning and lead-generation – quickly!

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions:

?What size of company do you work with? What industries has Dr. Brand worked with before?
Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of building a diverse client base that spans across industries, with some of our best clients including
  • Asset management boutiques
  • Plastic surgery practices
  • Law firms
  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Private equity firms
  • Professional services (consultants, accounting firms, etc.)
  • Dental practices
  • IT Services (CRM, systems integration, etc.)
  • Real estate and construction
In fact…we’ve even worked with unique businesses including alpaca farms, car battery manufacturers, hula dancers and hot dog restaurants! The bottom-line results of a strong brand can be seen in any industry, size of company, and geographic region!

We’ve found that our best clients are typically small and mid-size companies, usually with 50 employees or less. These clients are typically either in service-based industries, or non-profits and community organizations.

Most often, these clients are looking to invest a minimum of $5,000 into their branding efforts and typically have a budget of approximately $10,000-$25,000 allocated to their branding and web efforts.
?My company already has a web design and/or SEO provider. Can Dr. Brand still help?
No two businesses have an identical structure, or the same list of vendors in place to assist their marketing efforts.

Although we do offer a full lineup of web design and digital marketing services to accompany our branding offerings for those clients who wish to use them, you are never under any obligation to do so. Above all, our goal is always to grow our client’s brands – and never jeopardize or compromise any existing relationships they may have in place prior to engaging us.

In fact, many of our best referral partners are agencies and firms focused exclusively on web design or search engine marketing; where our suite of branding solutions boosts their efforts and complements their digital expertise.

When working alongside your existing web design or digital marketing providers, our focus is on your brand strategy, communications strategy, messaging, graphic design, and overall creative direction. We are also glad to provide your existing vendor with reports and brand standards that will allow them to effortlessly implement the brand we create for you.
?My company is not located near any of your offices. How does Dr. Brand work with such clients?
Although our offices are based in Toronto, Canada and Las Vegas, NV we are thrilled to work with clients no matter their geographic location – with our existing roster spanning Canada, the United States, Norway, the UK, and Australia!

We’ve made virtual collaboration easy for our clients by leveraging web-conferencing technology and a cloud-based communication platform that keeps projects flowing smoothly – regardless of time zone, continent, or currency!
?Can Dr. Brand help me with a small one-time project, such as a brochure or single landing page?
For existing clients (for whom we’ve already crafted an outstanding brand and online presence) we are glad to help with ongoing, one-time projects such as small print items, landing pages, website cosmetic enhancements/updates, or digital graphics for use on social media.

As our goal and mission is to develop our client’s entire brand (and bottom-line), we do not typically engage new clients for one-time, task-based projects

To learn about how our comprehensive approach can be implemented step-by-step for your organization, we invite you to schedule a Brand Health Check.
?Our budget is limited. What are your rates?
Similar to purchasing a new home or vehicle, there are a wide range of variable and options that affect the budget for a branding or website project. A simple web search will show vendors offering services at every point of the price spectrum…from $99 to upwards of $99,000!

(Not to worry – we can assure you working with Dr. Brand does not cost anywhere near $99,000!)

When seeking a vendor with the bottom-line in mind, it’s absolutely crucial to consider the return on investment any potential vendor will offer, and look at the value of services provided as opposed to simply comparing on the quoted rate.

Rather than focus on offering the lowest price, at Dr. Brand we are dedicated to offering value for your dollar that is truly unrivaled in the marketplace. When reviewing the intimate access to our brand and marketing experts, comprehensive revisions provided, and award-winning design reflected in our final product…clients often find our pricing to be pleasantly unexpected.

To make investing in your brand both flexible and affordable, we also offer a 15% savings on all projects when prepaid. For those clients who prefer the flexibility of an installment plan, that is also offered for all our services.

The best way to determine what rates may be associated with your project, we invite you to schedule a Brand Health Check
?We already have a logo that our team likes. Can your Brand CPR™ service still help?
As part of our all-inclusive branding service, Brand CPR™ offers a brand identity design, coupled with our extensive brand strategy and messaging process - although we understand that some clients may already have a logo they currently use and find effective.

As part of our branding process, we will evaluate your company’s current logo to see where we may wish to revitalize your existing logo – although in some cases, we also agree that a client’s logo is effective as-is. When this occurs, we will typically divert the time and budget allocated for brand identity design towards additional design to enhance your existing identity – this may include print collateral, online collateral, or a combination of both.

To discuss your company’s unique situation, we invite you to schedule a Brand Health Check so we can learn more about your goals and share our expert review of your current brand.
?My company only needs a website for now, but may consider branding at a later date. Is this possible?
Absolutely! As all of our services (including Website Well-Being™) include consulting time, this allows us the opportunity to explore your company’s brand at a glance and, through the redesign of your website, lay the foundation for any future branding efforts.

What’s more, the generous savings offered through our Brand Therapy™ bundles often allow clients to consider their branding and website goals simultaneously at a value that’s pleasantly unexpected.

Get in touch to schedule your Brand Health Check, and a member of our team will reach out within one business day to schedule your session!

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