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  • I briefly worked with another design/marketing company that did not listen to my needs, and did not take time to understand my style. In return, they delivered a poor quality product that I could not use. The Dr. Brand team helped me create a lead generation strategy that increased my database by 90%, and provided ideas to improve quality of leads. Adam and his entire team were always very open to edits and revisions, and took time to listen to my needs and helped me create a full functioning site. The entire team has a “can do” attitude, and will tackle anything…all while delivering a stellar product.
    Heidi Arndt, RDH, BSDH
    Enhanced Hygiene
  • Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Brand, we now have a very clear strategy of how we can build top of funnel lead-generation automatically, while also helping us understand how we ‘build our brand’ for long term business development. You deliver world-class marketing services and websites to help SMEs around the world compete. I would highly recommend the Dr. Brand team to help any organization in getting their marketing message right and then building the ‘robots and automation’ to help ensure it is powered for maximum success.
    Gerry Anderson
    Logicon Solutions
  • I absolutely love my new website! I have never had any inquiries or new clients come from my website the entire five years I’ve been in business. I have had several get acquainted calls and one signed comprehensive contract from my Dr. Brand website since it launched! I couldn’t be happier.
    K. Pelletier
    KP Consulting
  • After 20 years in healthcare marketing, I’ve never found a better website or design vendor than Dr. Brand. They deliver amazing value for the price, innovative design and a finished project that meets the objective.
    Angela Broderick Bedell, MA, CAE
    The Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City
  • They were remarkable with options to consider and especially attentive at every step of the process in establishing our brand and online presence. This outstanding service carried all of the way through to the design, creation and deployment of the SCBC website with all of the associated access and functionality. Of note, not one of my questions and/or emails ever went unanswered and those answers came with full explanations and consideration for a number of options. We had no regrets at any time in this process and found Dr. Brand to deliver top notch service at all times and in every respect. There is absolutely nothing more that we could’ve ever asked for than what Dr. Brand delivered for us.
    James Spina
    Spina Cross Border Consulting

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