Your website should be the hub of your marketing efforts.

Not only should it reflect your brand, and make an outstanding first impression on visitors – it should be designed to convert visitors into leads, and handle much of the explanation and education of your prospects. That’s why it’s important to hire a Web Designer in Toronto that understands not only how to make your site look great, but how to make it convert curious visitors into highly-interested prospects.

With such an important role in your marketing efforts, designing a new website should be a results-driven process.

Our website process starts with a full discovery process and transcends in to strategy, conversion planning, and goal setting. This is followed by the actual design of each relevant page, module, and visual element, pixel by pixel to create the desired user experience – one that will tell your story and build your brand’s trust and credibility.

It’s more than simply a putting together a “website”. It’s a comprehensive online marketing hub, and it’s exactly what we are pleased to offer you through our Website Well-Being™ service.

Since 2009, we’ve been building extraordinary, effective websites for businesses of all types and sizes. It’s a thorough process, and well worth the investment. At a glance, here’s our proven, 100% custom web design process:
At a glance, here’s our proven, 100% custom web design process:
1. Discovery
Through a process of surveys and meetings we’ll gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of your goals.
2. Architecture
Just like a building, a website needs a solid blueprint. Together we’ll determine the best way to organize your website and assemble a preliminary outline.
3. Content
With a solid blueprint in place we will work with you to collect, organize, edit, and deliver to us content for each page of the website.
4. Design
As we assemble content, our team will be creating comprehensive layouts showing possible design directions.
5. Development
With all the necessary architecture, content, and design elements in hand we’ll create the first working version of your website, also integrating additional functionalities as e-mail marketing, eCommerce, and CRM.
6. Launch
Getting your website “go live” ready will inevitably require several rounds of revisions and polish. Once the website is ready, we’ll go through the final launch checklist.
7. Warranty
Once your site is launched, the next several weeks our team will be training you on how to manage the website and helping you resolve any questions that may arise.
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